Pediatric Compounding

Pediatric prescription therapy can often be a challenge for patient and parent/caregiver alike.  Valley Integrative Pharmacy recognizes this dynamic and offers compounding services to ease the stress of medication administration to the pediatric patient.  Compounding enables our pharmacists and technicians to alter the prescribed drug to accommodate the needs of your child.  Options include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Flavoring is the simplest and often most effective means of increasing palatability of the final dosage form
  • Altering dosage form, e.g., tablet to liquid, oral to topical cream/gel, etc.
  • Consulting pediatrician to substitute a suitable equivalent drug product, which can be made more palatable to your child

It is critical when your child is prescribed a particular drug regimen (i.e., antibiotic for 2 weeks) that the dosage and frequency of administration is adhered to as directed.  The consequences of deviating from the prescribed regimen often leads to failed treatment, especially in the case of antibiotic therapy.  Easing the administration process for you and your child will not only reduce stress significantly, but will also contribute to increased drug therapy compliance and thus a positive outcome.

If you have a child who presents a challenge when it comes to prescription therapy please feel free to talk to our pharmacists.  We are always ready to consult with your pediatrician to arrive at a manageable drug product for you and your child.