Probiotics – Some basic Facts you may wish to know

  “Probiotics” seems to be the buzz word these days, the thing we all lack in our gut and should supplement with in order to feel better from a whole host of ailments. Truth or Hype? Let’s take a closer look. Probiotics is a general term that refers to a long list of beneficial and… read more

To supplement…or not? That is the question! PART 2

In Part 1 of this Supplement blog, I focused on whether it is necessary to take supplements at all, when to take them and why certain brands are considered to be of much better quality than others. Let’s continue our Interview, shall we? If you have stumbled across Part 2 first, I am pretending to… read more

Give your child the gift of an immune boost

I cannot help but wonder if 50 years ago parents of school-going kids felt the same way about the start of a new school year as we do today. Relief on the one hand that a more settled routine will kick back in, but also dread at the deluge of colds and snotty noses that… read more

To supplement…or not? That is the question! PART 1

Lets be honest. Whether you are a dedicated, seasoned supplement-taker, or an “on-again-off-again” one, you will have invariably had your moments of secretly doubting whether they really work, or whether you feel better because… it stopped raining, you got that promotion, things get better anyway with time, or whatever your mind comes up with. And… read more

Medicinal Food Spotlight – Powerhouse Turmeric

You may have seen an orange, gnarly root in select supermarkets and dismissed it as an odd-looking version of ginger. In fact turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a member of the ginger family, but is smaller in overall size and has a deep orange flesh that, if not handled with care, can result in some really… read more

3 Steps to Boost your Energy and Banish Fatigue

So you woke up this morning feeling fully rested, energetic and ready to face the day, motivated to deal with the usual demands that come your way, able to just keep going and getting it all done. Let’s not forget there is still time to fit in some exercise, of course. Not you? Does this… read more